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Obama's Dog Allegedly Attacks White House Guest (Photo)

President Barack Obama's dog, 4-year-old Sunny, reportedly bit a White House guest on Jan. 9.

The guest, an 18-year-old friend of the Obama family, was allegedly trying to kiss and pet the female Portuguese water dog when she struck, TMZ reports.

The bite left a bloody gash on the young woman's face. Obama family doctor  Dr. Ronny Jackson said while the young woman would require stitches, she will be OK. 

Still, it appears the wound may leave a small scar. 

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The White House has yet to confirm or comment on the attack, WITI reports.

Sunny is one of two dogs the Obama family owns, the second being 8-year-old Bo -- nicknamed the "First Dog" -- who is also a Portuguese water dog. 

If true, the attack comes out of the blue as their species is not known for attacking humans often. 

TMZ reports the young woman wrote about how upset she was over the incident on Instagram while posting a photo of the wound.

Some sympathized with her, saying dog should be put down.

"Put the dog down," wrote one user on TMZ's Facebook page. "If an animal bites a person. It should be put down. No exceptions to the rules. Police can now kill your dog if it barks at them. Again. Police can kill your dog if it barks at them. This dog bit a person.(in the face no less). Put it down."

However, most blamed the young woman for attempting to kiss the dog, who was not familiar with her.

"Keep your face away from a dog that isn't yours," wrote one woman. "Poor dog was probably scared. People are so stupid when it comes to dogs. Read the body language and I bet you wouldn't get bit... Respect and personal space goes for dogs too."

Even those who aren't fans of Obama spoke out in defense of the dog.

"OK I'm not a huge obama fan, actually not a fan at all lol but you don't just stick you're face up to a dogs face especially if it doesn't know you well," added another person.

Sources: TMZ, WITI, TMZ/Facebook / Photo credit: The White House/Flickr, Instagram via TMZ

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