President Obama's Comments Spark Controversy On Twitter


President Barack Obama's speech honoring the 5 Dallas police officers killed by a sniper in an attack during protests last week sparked a backlash on Twitter among conservative commentators and others.

The speech began with Obama articulating unifying comments about the relationship between police departments and black communities as he tried to give equal credence to both.  Behind him stood a group of officers, a racially diverse church choir, and a host of local officials and prominent individuals such as Police Chief David Brown and ex-President George W. Bush, the Daily Mail reports.

However, the second half of Obama's speech was felt by many to have been far more divisive and polarizing, particularly when he spoke about gun control:

"We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer," he said, according to Business Insider.

Many prominent conservatives and reporters were quick to criticize Obama's speech on Twitter.

Ben Shapiro, editor of The Daily Wire, wrote: "Cops murdered by racist. Obama eulogizes them by lying about cops and gun control. What a nasty piece of goods."

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich said: "How am I surprised Obama would use a memorial for police to lecture about gun control and politics? He is the worst."

Josh Kraushaar, politics editor at the National Journal, wrote: "Agree or disagree, the second part of Obama's speech polarizing. Felt like a State of the Union for a moment based on who was applauding."

T. Becket Adams wrote: "This was a pretty good speech up until about 10 mins ago. Kind of a trash heap now."

Sources: Daily Mail, Business Insider / Photo credit: Daniel Borman/Flickr

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