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President Obama: Support same sex marriage!

President Obama has stated that his position on same sex marriage is still "evolving." Sigh, for all my support of the president (and I will vote for him over someone such as a Sarah Palin in 2012)  I am getting frustrated with the president on this issue. Anyone with any knowledge of demographics and historical trends knows that same sex marriage in every state is inevitable. Those under 40 clearly support same sex marriage and there has been a poll that shows a majority of Americans support same sex marriage. To the question of: "“Should the Federal Government give legal recognition to marriages between couples of the same sex, or not?”, 52% said yes and 46% said no.

 The fact is there is a 1-2% increase in support of same sex marriage every year.  A sea changing is happening  and President Obama is going to get left behind by the history books. Vice President Biden stated that same sex marriage was inevitable and he was right. Why is President Obama that concerned about the 46% who said no? Most of them would not vote for him anyway and the majority of that 46% probably believe he was born in Kenya and that he is a secret Muslim. Moderates are divided on same sex marriage, but starting to lean towards it.

 It's like politicans not supporting medical marijuana even though polls show overwhelmingly public support on that issue. Great politicans lead and not follow. President Obama could be remembered by the history books when it comes to support for same sex marriage, but if he waits for polls showing 60% support, he won't be as remembered as well as he could possibly be.


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