President Obama Releases Statement Regarding Killings Of 2 NYPD Officers


President Barack Obama released a statement late Saturday night condemning the brutal killings of two New York City Police Department officers that had occurred earlier in the day on Dec. 20. 

“I unconditionally condemn today’s murder of two police officers in New York City,” the statement said.

“Two brave men won’t be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that, there is no justification. The officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day – and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. Tonight, I ask people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal – prayer, patient dialogue, and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen.”

A gunman, identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, staged an execution-style ambush at around 3:00 p.m. on two NYPD officers who had been sitting in their marked patrol car. He reportedly approached the vehicle from behind and opened fire; the cops never even had the opportunity to defend themselves.

The gunman attempted to flee the scene and ran into a nearby subway station. When responding officers finally caught up with him, he shot himself.

Public figures, such as Eric HolderAl Sharpton and former governor George Pataki, issued statements in the hours following the shooting.

President Obama is currently away on vacation with his family; however, he was made aware of what occurred and ultimately released his statement before the day came to an end. 

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Sources: Chicago Sun-Times, Buzzfeed / Photo Credit: Flickr


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