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Preschool Bans Toddler From Wearing 'Monster' Pants

A preschool has banned its students from wearing a particular pair of pants because one parent complained they were too scary.

A mother explained the situation on the online forum Mumsnet, reports the Daily Mail.

“[Darling Son] had some leggings on today - they're gorgeous!" she wrote. "They have monsters on (not scary) but apparently he isn't allowed to wear them?”

She went on to explain, “They don't have a uniform, but apparently a mum said that they scared her daughter.” Her post included a picture of the yellow pants, which feature cute cartoon monsters.

Some parents responded to her post by agreeing that the pants were adorable, and encouraged her to keep sending her son to preschool wearing the outfit.

As one mother put it: “I would continue to send him in them. Children do have irrational fears about the weirdest things.”

Another chimed in with the comment, “Hah that's ridiculous! Surely nursery staff should teach the girl that there's nothing to be scared of rather than banning them?”

Another mother gave her advice based on a previous experience. “I once looked after a child who was scared of butterflies but it would have been ridiculous to demand that no one wore t-shirts with butterflies on. Instead we worked with her to overcome the fear.”

Other parents suggested she play by the rules. “I must admit that one of the monsters looks slightly wolfy so I can kind of see how they might be scary to a little one,” advised one of them.

Whether or not the original poster's son continued to wear the pants to school has not been reported.

The issue of what to wear at school remains a contentious one. In the U.S., everyone from educational experts to fashion designers has gotten in on the debate, notes The Huffington Post.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Mumsnet via Daily Mail

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