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Congressman Vows To Fight Food Stamp Cuts

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A Democratic congressman is ready to fight Republicans over any food stamp cuts.

“If next year, the Republican leadership wants to block grant or cut the [food stamps] program or put more hurdles in place to deny people a benefit to put food on their table – be prepared for one hell of a fight,” said Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, according to the Daily Caller. “Because this is a fight worth having.”

In 2014, President Barack Obama signed into law a bill that cut food stamps -- including SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- by $8.7 billion, reported MSNBC.

McGovern was a vocal opponent of the bill, which he said Democrats should have fought harder against because many poor, elderly, and disabled people would be affected.

“Poor people are getting screwed by this Republican majority [in the House] and Democrats in my opinion aren’t doing enough to push back,” he said. “I wish there had been more of a fight from the White House and others.”

McGovern also said he was “puzzled” by Obama for not speaking out more against poverty and hunger.

Back in 2014, McGovern said he expects Republicans to further chip away at food stamp cuts.

“They know they can’t get a $40 billion cut right off the bat, so what they’re doing is they’re chipping away at it,” he said.

Before the 2014 farm bill was signed into law, gutting food stamps, President-elect Donald Trump criticized the Obama administration for not making more cuts to social programs.

"No cuts to welfare, no cuts to food stamps & NOT A SINGLE CUT TO OBAMACARE, yet the new budget cuts military benefits. Sad!” Trump wrote on Facebook.

However, now that he has been elected president, it's unclear if Trump will push for greater cuts to welfare and food stamps.

Sources: Daily Caller, MSNBC, Donald J. Trump/Facebook/ Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr

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