Pregnant Woman Walks Into Bathroom And Leaves A Short While Later; Another Woman Walks In...

Pregnant Woman Walks Into Bathroom And Leaves A Short While Later; Another Woman Walks In... Promo Image

A mother was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for reportedly attempting to flush her newborn down a toilet at an airport after strangling it. 

The 24-year-old mother flew from Dubai to Munich in July 2016 and gave birth in a toilet at the airport when she arrived, Daily Mail reported. 

Instead of alerting staff, the woman used the umbilical cord to strangle her baby and then attempted to flush it down the toilet. The baby girl became wedged in the pipe and was discovered by someone just five minutes later, still alive.

The child was rushed to the hospital, where doctors frantically attempted to save her. She miraculously survived, despite her body temperature being just 26 degrees, and ultimately was placed in the care of foster parents. 

"Instead of being honest and admitting what had happened, she has presented to this court four different versions of what happened," prosecutor Klaus Kurts told the court before the sentencing. "This includes the absolute pinnacle of her lies, which was to say that she didn't notice she had given birth."

The horrific story went viral, with many saying the five-year sentence wasn't harsh enough.

"What a horrific act on a little child. Mother should be sent back to her country. Their prophet an evil. The devil. Dear lord guide our president to deal with these radicals expediently. Make America safe again. Protect him and his appointed staff. Amen," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"It's horrible the way Muslims treat women. What about the man who participates in these acts? Why are they not held accountable? I certainly do not want this in the USA! What she did with the baby is a horrible act and she should be punished but when you read further about how women are viewed and treated by Muslim men ... it is sickening!!" another added. 

Sources: Daily MailMad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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