NYPD Throws Pregnant Woman To The Ground During Arrest (Video)


A shocking new viral video shows a pregnant woman being slammed to the ground by an NYPD officer.

In the clip, Sandra Amezquita is shown being arrested by a few officers when one proceeds to slam her to the ground, belly first, and sit on top of her while restraining her. Amezquita, who is six months pregnant, had to bear the weight of the officer onto her unborn child as the officer sat on her.

“I was afraid something happened to my baby," said Amezquita, who reportedly suffered vaginal bleeeding after the incident. "I am still afraid that something is wrong."

Reports say that the NYPD officers were attempting to arrest her 17-year-old son for allegedly being in possession of a gravity knife, and when she and her husband tried to intervene, the pregnant woman was arrested.

Amezquita’s attorney Sanford Rubenstein says that the officers used excessive force on his client, especially due to the fact that she’s pregnant.

“What happened is appalling and should not be happening in New York City,” Rubenstein told PIX11 News. “These videos are pictures of the truth and those who take them are performing a public service.”

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Denis Flores, a local activist and founder of the El Grito de Sunset Park advocacy group, says that the video is an example of controversial tactics used by officers and pushes for one specific thing to happen.

“These cops need to be fired,” said Flores. “What we are seeing here is a group of officers that are acting more like criminals instead of people that are here to protect us and serve the interest of the people in this neighborhood.”

The Internal Affairs Bureau is currently investigating the incident.

Sources: PIX11 News, NY Daily News, My Fox Atlanta


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