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Pregnant Woman Shot By Another Woman Over Facebook Argument, Killing Baby

An argument over Facebook between two women in Jacksonville, Florida led to one shooting the other in the stomach. The victim, who was pregnant, lost her baby.

Police were called to the site of the shooting in Northwest Jacksonville at about noon on Wednesday. The night before, the two women had allegedly gotten into a fight on the social media site. The pregnant woman went to the home of 35-year-old Virginia Wyche to discuss what happened, and the argument escalated, News4Jax reports.

Wyche shot the victim in the abdomen, and she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The baby was unfortunately lost. 

A neighbor, Christopher Cash, took a video of the incident.

"They were arguing out front, something about Facebook. I walked out and just heard a pop," Cash told WTEV.

Another neighbor tried to help the victim, who was slumped over in a chair holding her stomach after being shot. The video also shows Wyche being handcuffed and put into a sheriff’s car.

The woman was slumped over in a chair, holding her stomach as a neighbor tried to help her. At the same time, Cash captured a woman in handcuffs being put in a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office car.

Lillian Jordan, Wyche’s mother, said she can’t make sense of her daughter’s actions.

"It's hard to cope with this. I was raised in a religious family," said Jordan.

Wyche was booked into jail Wednesday on murder and attempted murder charges.

"My son called me and I was very disturbed about this because this is not the way I was raised, and they (were) not raised like this," said Jordan. "Somebody had to provoke my child ... to do what she (did). I don't know if she was trying to defend herself, or if they (were) trying to jump on my child, I can't say."

Sources: WJXT, WTEV


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