Pregnant Woman Rants About Stealing Food Stamps While Smoking (Video)

A disturbing viral clip posted to World Star Hip Hop shows a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette while admitting to stealing her man’s food stamps, and people all over the Internet are outraged.

In the clip, the woman goes on a rant about a number of things, including her history of relationship failures. She makes clear that in order for her to sleep with a man, he has to treat her right, and as an example, she says she won’t accept being taken to Applebee’s.

During her rant, the woman reveals that she is eight months pregnant and that she tricked her baby’s father into putting her address down for his food stamps, all the while criticizing him for living off government assistance.

Commenters online were less than kind after seeing the video.

“How you trying to empower women and speak on how males should treat you with your hair looking like that on camera. Treat yourself better! Smh,” one commenter said.

Take a look at the shocking viral rant below.

Sources: Mad World News, World Star Hip Hop


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