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Pregnant Woman Jumps From Burning Building (Video)

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A YouTube video depicting a pregnant woman jumping from a burning building in Turkey is being shared across social media sites due to the astounding feat accomplished in the short clip.  

The video begins by showing the woman standing on a ledge of the smoking and burning building as a crowd gathers below. Many in the crowd of people are also holding blankets or cardboard and yelling at the woman, presumably encouraging her to jump. The woman finally makes the leap and is caught by the crowd of onlookers below. 

According to Metro UK, the woman was safely caught by the crowd and has made a recovery after being taken to the hospital for further examination and treatment. 

Information as to the woman’s background and the reason the building was burning has yet to be released, although Fox DC reports that the user who uploaded the YouTube video claims that the woman is currently in a good condition.


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