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Woman Posts Craigslist Ad, Cuts Fetus From The Womb Of Pregnant Woman Who Responded

A Colorado woman claiming to sell baby clothes through Craigslist has been arrested for cutting an unborn baby from the womb of a pregnant woman who responded to her fake advertisement.

The 26-year-old pregnant woman reportedly visitied the Longmont home of a 34-year-old woman on Wednesday after the suspect posted an ad on Craigslist claiming to have baby clothing she wanted to sell, reports CNN.

The victim, who was seven months pregnant, told police the suspect stabbed her and cut her fetus out of her stomach. 

The suspect, Dynel Lane, then reportedly drove to the hospital with the fetus and claimed she had suffered a miscarriage. The baby did not survive the incident. 

Police responded to the scene after receiving calls about a woman screaming from inside of the suspect's home. Authorities say the two women did not know each other. 

The victim was transported to Longmont United Hospital, where she underwent surgery and is expected to survive. The suspect faces numerous charges, including attempted murder, assault and child abuse. 

Source: CNN

Photo Credit: Stephen Cummings/Flickr, Frank de Kleine/Flickr 


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