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Pregnant Woman Files Lawsuit Against Dairy Queen After Employees Allegedly Attacked Her Over Flubbed Blizzard Order

A pregnant woman is suing Dairy Queen after she was allegedly beaten by employees over a messed up Blizzard order at an Albuquerque store.

Angelika Coakley-Vargas says that she ordered a Georgia Mud Pudge Blizzard from the drive-thru while on a road trip with her fiancé, but instead she was given "some vanilla concoction."

Her fiancé then went inside the store to get her some extra hot fudge for a small fee. Apparently that didn't satisfy her craving, so she went inside herself to ask the workers to make a new Blizzard for her.

Coakley-Vargas said that when she went back inside to demand a new Blizzard, she slid the cup across the counter and it tipped over. She said that as she walked away, she heard an employee shout, "You f****** b****!"

Two employees then reportedly chased her down, pulled her hair, punched her, and scratched her outside of the store.

She told the employees that she was pregnant and they replied with, "I don't give a f***."

According to a female employee, Coakley-Vargas put her in a headlock, but according to Coakley-Vargas, she was attacked by the DQ employees first. 

Two witnesses said that they saw the employees attack Coakley-Vargas.

She is suing the company for "great pain and mental anguish" and "loss of enjoyment of life."

Sources: NY Daily News, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: NY Daily News


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