Pregnant Woman Doesn't Realize What Boyfriend Slipped In Her Drink Until It's Too Late


A former national restaurateur was sentenced to nine years in prison for slipping an abortion drug into his girlfriend’s drink in order to force a miscarriage.

Joshua Woodward, the former owner of several Table 8 restaurants in both Los Angeles and New York, was found guilty of attempted murder in the 2009 case and sentenced in the crime.

In 2009, Woodward secretly dosed his girlfriend, Gail Greaves, with an early-term abortion drug called Misoprostol in order to induce a miscarriage, according to NY Daily News.

“Do you not understand that you are a textbook psychopath?” Greaves said in court, reported NY Daily News.

“Do you really not understand what you've done to me, yourself, your family?" she said. "You took my choice away. I get to see you sitting there right now with no remorse. You are a sick, sick individual, and you are disgusting. You don't care who you hurt as long as you get what you want."

Woodward reportedly gave Greaves the drug on three separate occasions — once orally and two times vaginally during foreplay.  

Prosecutors claimed in court that Woodward researched “various drugs and other means to unlawfully cause a miscarriage” before carrying out the act, according to KTLA.

“He typed in ‘evil ways to terminate a pregnancy,'” Deputy District Attorney Habib Balian said in a 2012 court hearing.

Court documents stated that Greaves became “violently ill” and suffered “severe nausea and diarrhea,” as a result of Woodward giving her the drug, though her pregnancy wasn’t terminated. She eventually did miscarry after two more attempts. 

Sources: New York Daily News, KTLA / Photo credit: KTLA 

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