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Pregnant Woman Breaks Traffic Law, Officer Does Something Unexpected In Response (Photos)

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A pregnant woman was stunned when a police officer went above and beyond to assist her when she was pulled over for having outdated plates.

Seattle resident Amby Johnson, who is 38 weeks pregnant, was having a “really bad contraction” on Friday when she made the decision to go around a speed bump in order to avoid further pain. Before she knew it, she was being pulled over. What happened next was applauded by both Johnson and the thousands who viewed a picture of the gesture after it went viral.

“I got pulled over today & instead of giving me a ticket for not having my new plates on, this Officer gladly helped put them on,” Johnson wrote alongside a photo of a police officer changing her plates. “Even though it was hot and he was sweating his balls off he was nice and didn't make me feel bad about not having my plates on. Thank you Officer Jimmy Allen.”

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Johnson later explained that the officer who pulled her over was a female Navy MP. She explained to the officer that her husband, who’s also in the Navy, hadn’t had the time to replace the plates. 

“So my back is already worn out from being pregnant and assisting clients with bathing and transfers also take a toll on me," she said. "Bending over to put them on myself was definitely out of the question.” A few moments later, officer Jimmy Allen arrived.

“I for sure thought I was gonna get a few tickets then,” Johnson said. 

Instead, Allen offered to install the license plate. 

“He was so polite and said yes he just had to make sure he had the right tools," she said. "He changed the plates for me and the MP made a statement saying ‘Officer of the year.’ I thought to myself like I should have her take a picture and post this on Facebook.”

Johnson said she’s pleased that the story went viral and that Allen’s good deed is being recognized. What she isn’t happy with, however, is the way it’s being portrayed.

“It bothers me so bad that majority of the shares have the heading WHITE OFFICER helps BLACK WOMAN,” she said. “Just see the story for what it is. A good officer helping out a woman. No race.”

Sources: The Blaze, Facebook / Photo credit: The Blaze


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