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Pregnant Woman Beaten With Baseball Bats And Slashed With Knife In Home While Going Into Labor

A pregnant woman was viciously beaten with baseball bats and slashed across her face with a knife by a gang breaking into her home as she was getting ready to head to the hospital to deliver her baby.

According to reports, the 22-year-old U.K. woman was about to leave for the hospital when five men wearing masks busted down her door and proceeded to viciously beat her with baseball bats and cut her across her face with a knife. The men were attempting to rob the home, and when the woman’s partner came down from upstairs to try and protect her, the men attacked him, as well.

“I can’t even describe to you how angry I am. My partner is too traumatised [sic] to even go back to our home,” the woman’s 32-year-old boyfriend said, according to the Daily Mail. “She is going to need counselling [sic] to help her get through this. To do this to a woman who is in labour – it’s sick.

“She started screaming my name and I just heard these men shouting something like, ‘Where’s the money? Give us the money!’ I came running down the stairs and they were attacking her,” the man explained, Metro UK reports. “I just threw my arms round her to protect her. They carried on beating us. I was just shouting back at them, 'You are wrong man, she’s in labour [sic].' Me and my girlfriend just started screaming and shouting for help.”

The five men were able to get away with a phone, an iPad, and around $90 in cash. Despite the gruesome attack, the woman, who suffered a hemorrhage from the beating, delivered a healthy baby shortly thereafter, but investigators say they are doing everything they can to apprehend those responsible.

“This was a shocking attack on a young woman who was in labour,” Detective Inspector Joel Henderson said. “It is vital we get those people responsible off the streets of Basildon.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro UK / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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