Pregnant Pig Escapes From Moving Truck, Gives Birth To 14 Piglets (Video)


A pregnant pig managed to escape from the back of a truck, and later gave birth to 14 piglets (video below).

The pig, which shelter workers have named Rita, was heavily pregnant when she was loaded onto a flatbed truck, according to an article posted on the website of Animal Place, an animal rescue organization in California.

As the truck was driving along Highway 50 near Sacramento, the pregnant sow escaped from the metal cage where she was placed and leaped off the back of the moving truck.

The pig reportedly landed safely on grass.

After animal control workers spotted Rita, they took her to a local animal shelter that houses mostly dogs and cats. There, she gave birth to 14 piglets, nine of which ultimately survived.

After the animal's owner failed to reclaim her, workers from Animal Place decided to rescue the pig and her offspring from the shelter and transport them by trailer to the organization's 600-acre animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California.

The organization reported that both Rita and her piglets are thriving in the sanctuary's care. The pig is now eating 5 pounds of feed a day.

Animal Care said it plans to spay, neuter and vaccinate the piglets.

In 2015, 38,399 pigs were slaughtered in the U.S., according to statistics reported by the Humane Society of the United States. 

Sources: Animal Place, Humane Society of the United States  / Photo credit: Animal Place

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