Rattlesnack Bites 4-Year-Old, Pregnant Mom Tries To Suck Up Venom

A 9-months-pregnant mother from Folsom, California, attempted to suck rattlesnake venom from her son’s foot after the boy accidentally stepped on a baby rattler.

Jaclyn Caramazza was walking with her 4-year-old son, Vinny, along the Folsom Bike Trail when the young boy stepped on something brown and coiled up, according to Fox 40.

“It wasn’t dog poop,” Vinny said to his mother in an interview with the local news station.

Caramazza said she knew it was a snake and when she took his shoes off, “lo-and-behold, there were two little puncture marks,” she told Fox 40.

Vinny was bitten on the foot by a baby rattlesnake and the venom quickly spread to his ankle, and through his entire leg. Within minutes, the 4-year-old’s ankle began to swell and turn purple. Upon finding the puncture wounds from the bite, Caramazza took immediate action.

“Mama bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom out because that’s what Bonanza does," Caramazza explained.

However, sucking the venom from a snakebite wound is what experts say not to do in this kind of situation. Instead of coming into direct contact with the venom, wildlife officials recommend cleaning the wound and lowering the site of the bite below the heart, according to Daily Mail. Officials also advise to immediately go to the hospital, which Caramazza and her son did.

"We went to Mercy Folsom, which is about a five minute drive, and made it in three," Caramazza said.

Fortunately, the venom Caramazza had sucked from the boy’s wound did not spread to her unborn son. Vinny is also recovering well.

Caramazza says her family is now taking steps to be more cautious. Caramazza says that following the scare, the family will be “putting up some things in our backyard to keep the snakes out and counting our blessings," according to Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 40

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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