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Ultrasound Reveals Baby's Legs Hanging From Womb (Photo)

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An ultrasound has revealed that a baby's feet are dangling outside the mother's womb.  

Little Things reports that an unidentified 33-year-old woman received an ultrasound from her doctor, and the procedure revealed that her baby’s feet were hanging from her womb.  

This is the sixth child for the woman, and the previous five Caesarean sections had caused her uterus walls to weaken.  As a result, the expecting mom tore her uterus, which allowed her 22-week-old baby’s feet to dangle outside of the womb. 

The very rare occurrence is called a "rupture pregnancy."  Only 26 cases have ever been reported.  

According to VBAC, a rupture occurs in less than 1 percent of women.  The causes are either multiple C-sections in the past, or weak uterine muscles.  

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Doctors explained to the mother and her husband the potential risks of the torn uterus, like placenta accreta, hysterectomy and preterm birth. Despite those risks, the couple decided to move forward with the pregnancy.

The mother then gave birth to a healthy boy via C-section at 30 weeks.  He is now a healthy 6-month-old.  Doctors also repaired her uterus after the delivery.

Sources: Little Things, VBAC / Photo credit: The New England Journal of Medicine via Little Things

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