Woman Chases Purse Snatcher, Gives Birth All In One Day

A pregnant Michigan woman fought off a purse snatcher and gave birth on the same day.

The Flint woman was putting groceries into her vehicle on Sept. 11 when she was approached by an unarmed man. He grabbed her purse and took off running, according to a release from the Flint Police Department.

She chased the man. The suspect allegedly pushed her down during the confrontation.

Good Samaritans standing nearby intervened and retrieved the woman’s purse.

The victim’s family was able to hold the suspect, 30-year-old Mark Newton, until police arrived.

Newton was arrested and arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery. He is being held on $8,000 bond while awaiting a preliminary exam scheduled for Sept. 24, MLive reported.

Later the same day the victim delivered her healthy baby, accoring to police.

Sources: MLive, ABC News

Image credit: Flint Police Department Facebook, Wikipedia


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