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Pregnant Inmate Ashley Marler Escapes Twice in One Week

Ashley Marler, who is 4 months pregnant, has escaped from prison twice in one week.

Her most recent escape occurred when she was taken to the Polk-Dalton Medical Center on Monday.

The mom-to-be allegedly climbed up into the ceiling and somehow crawled out of the clinic while wearing only a towel and a white T-shirt, noted WKYT.

According to court records, Marler went to the same clinic on Sept. 16. She was given a medical pass and was supposed to return to the detention center.

Obviously, Marler didn't return.

She was arrested the next day and charged with escape. Interestingly, she was supposed to be in court today for that escape attempt, but will not likely be in attendance.

The Department of Community Corrections is investigating how exactly the 31 year old escaped this time.

She is charged with two counts of receiving stolen property and second degree escape, but is not considered dangerous.

Source: WKYT,


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