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Pregnant Horse Sexually Assaulted On Wisconsin Farm

A farm owner in Waupaca County, Wisconsin, noticed something was amiss with his 5-year-old pregnant horse. The mare was bleeding and injured and a veterinarian concluded the animal had been sexually assaulted, Inside Edition reported.

“I think that an instrument, some sort of hobbling device, was used on the horse,” Waupaca County Sheriff Brad Hardel told Fox News. “It is disturbing, for sure.”

The horse’s owner believes the assault happened between Nov. 28 and 29. Both the mare and the unborn foal are expected to recover.

This is the second time in less than a year that a horse has been sexually assaulted in Waupaca County. On Dec. 17, 2014, police say they caught 31-year-old Jared Kreft in a barn with holes cut into his pants, exposing his groin and buttocks.  

According to court documents, Kreft told police he performed oral sex on the horse and pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana under to have his disorderly conduct and bestiality charges dismissed.

When asked about the most recent assault, Kreft said having sex with horses “is not in my character.”

Police have one suspect, but Hardel said the suspect is “on the verge of being exonerated.”

Sources: Inside Edition, Fox News / Photo credit: Mike McSharry/Flickr

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