Pregnant American Teen Shot by Mexican Police Near US-Mexico Border


A 14-year-old pregnant American girl was shot and wounded by Mexican police in Reynosa, Mexico, near the U.S. border.

The teen was riding in a truck that was heading towards an international bridge that goes to Pharr, Texas, notes the Associated Press.

The truck was driven by an unidentified boy who was told to stop by Mexican officers outside a convenience store. The boy kept driving, so police followed and opened fire on the truck.

After the tires of the truck were shot out, the boy got away on foot, but the girl was wounded. She was taken to a local hospital.

According to a prosecutor's office, the girl and her four-month-old fetus are both still alive.

In another case of Americans being shot in Mexico, Erica, Alex and Jose Angel Alvarado Rivera were abducted by men claiming to be part of an elite security squad called "Grupo Hercules."

The siblings were kidnapped from a restaurant near El Control, Mexico, on Oct. 13. They were found dead outside Matamoros, Mexico, on Oct. 29. They had each been shot in the head.

Raquel Alvarado, the mother of the three Americans, claimed that a soldier at a Mexican military base in Matamoros saw her adult children with members of Grupo Hercules inside some barracks.

“He told us Erica was very beaten and Jose Angel's legs were injured,” Alvarado told “They hit her as though she were a man.”

Alvarado, who lives in Progreso, Texas, said a black Jeep Cherokee driven by Erica was found at a car dealership owned by a friend of Matamoros Mayor Leticia Salazar. Many of Erica's things were inside the Jeep.

Alvarado wants to see the bodies of her children, but her husband was told by Mexican authorities that was not possible because the bodies were too decomposed.

“I'm going continue fighting for my children,” added Alvarado. “Perhaps others are parents remain silent out of fear, but I'm going to fight.”

Sources:, Associated Press (Image Credit: Marriedtofilm)


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