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Pregnant 17-Year-Old Fatally Shot Christmas Day, Unborn Baby Survives

A 17-year-old pregnant woman who was shot in the back of the head on Christmas died Thursday, but doctors were able to save her unborn baby girl.

Eva Casara was shot by an unknown assailant in Dolton, Ill., on Wednesday and left to die in the snow without a coat. She was six months pregnant.

Now her baby, weighing just one pound, is fighting for her own life in an Illinois hospital. The baby girl is in critical condition.

The victim’s family has no clue why Casara was attacked.

"She's just a shining light. Anywhere she goes, she lights up the place. She's so beautiful, inside as she is outside. Everybody loved her, she had a good heart,” said her mother, Estrellita Casara.

The family held a press conference pleading with the public to find the assailant.

"That's what I'm looking for, some answers. Please, somebody, anybody, help me with my baby," said Estrellita Casara.

Her grandmother and legal guardian, Fannie Casara, said Eva left her home with a group of friends on Wednesday afternoon and never returned.

The family repeatedly tried to contact Eva, but she never answered her cell phone.

She was later found injured in the snow in a residential area in Dolton. Authorities said she was shot elsewhere and brought to that location.

Her attacker took her coat, hat, purse, and iPhone.

There are no suspects in custody as of Friday.

"Do the right thing, come forward. She was a baby," said Autumn Casara, Eva's aunt.

The family intends to name her daughter “Lailani Paris” – a name Eva picked when she learned she was having a baby girl.

Sources: ABC 7 News, Daily Mail


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