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Pre-Flight Fistfight Breaks Out On Plane (Video)

Two male passengers engaged in a wild fistfight on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) plane on May 1 that was preparing to take off from Tokyo's Narita International Airport for Los Angeles (video below).

A third passenger, Corey Hour, was sitting behind the two men when they began brawling, and started filming them.

"No one provoked him -- he was cool up until a few minutes before he started hitting the guy," Hour told CNN. "He started verbally abusing and intimidating people. Nothing triggered him, it just happened."

"The airline staff did what they could to defuse the situation, and they reacted appropriately," Hour added. "There were children everywhere, you can hear in the video them crying."

Hour recalled that after the fight, the man wearing the red shirt "walked away but then came back and started hitting the guy again. That's when I stopped filming and confronted him. I was the one who stepped in. He backed down, I squared up with him and he wouldn't confront me."

According to Hour, airline workers escorted the man off the plane, but the flight was delayed more than 90 minutes.

Hour also tweeted about the incident:

For the record ANA staff and passengers handled the situation with grace and respect. They did the best they could to diffuse the situation.

As of now and after speaking with the other passengers the motive for why he did this is still UNKNOWN. None of us have any idea why at all.

An airport official told CNN that a "drunk" passenger was arrested on May 1, but did not say if that arrest was related to the fight.

Marvin Singleton, a spokesman for ANA, told ABC News that the man accused of starting the fight was a 40-something American, and that the same man assaulted an airline employee and other passengers.

According to Singleton, the man was deemed a safety threat and was arrested after being removed from the flight.

ANA released a statement: "All Nippon Airways apologizes to our passengers on Flight#6 to Los Angeles for the pre-flight incident. The individuals involved have been dealt with appropriately by local law enforcement."

Hour told ABC Radio: "I see him leaning over his chair arguing with the guy directly behind and the two lines that I made out that he said [were], 'Where are you from?' and, 'I'm going to kill you.' ... They did what they could; this was not the airline's fault, it was an isolated incident. The airline did what they could to diffuse the situation."

Sources: CNN, ABC News / Photo credit: Cassiopeia sweet/Wikimedia Commons

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