Pranksters Tom Mabe and Jim Clark Convince Alcoholic Friend He’s Been In A Coma For 10 Years (Video)


Not satisfied with just any old intervention, two friends put together an elaborate prank to convince a loved one that he had been comatose for 10 years thanks to his habit of drinking and driving.

In a last-ditch effort to prevent a man, identified as “Ray” in the video, from getting his sixth DUI, notorious YouTube pranksters Tom Mabe and Jim Clark turned an office into a hospital room complete with medical instruments, gear and a nurse.

As “Ray” “miraculously” awakens from his “coma,” the doctor tells him his drinking and driving led to a car accident and 10-year stupor.

Not forgetting the details, Mabe and Clark even provided the patient with a recorded news report on Miley Cyrus getting in trouble at her trailer park and President Hillary Clinton warning of a possible war with Canada.

“Ray” is finally let in on the prank after Mabe, disguised as a doctor, reveals his identity. It’s all fun and laughs until Mabe leaves the “patient” with a final message: Don’t drink and drive again.

No word on whether the serial DUI friend learned his lesson.

Sources: Gawker, YouTube


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