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Pranksters Demonstrate How to Steal Food From McDonalds (Video)

Two guys from the stunt comedy troupe "Children of Poseidon" recently demonstrated how they steal fast food.

Their target of choice is McDonalds, reports

Their "foolproof trick" includes driving up and ordering food via the drive-thru, notes

When they stop at the first window, which is the cashier, one of the pranksters pretends he cannot find his wallet, but keeps searching for the money for a couple of minutes in order to give time for his food to be prepared.

He finally gives up looking for his wallet, but tells the cashier he's going to stop at the second window to get a cup of water.

However, when the scammers drive up to the second window, the food is waiting in a bag, which the second McDonalds employee hands them, unaware they have not paid.

According to their Facebook page, the Children of Poseidon "are a group of extreme entertainers from Perth, Wash. consisting of Jeffabel, Danga and Michael."

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