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Prankster Cancels Couple's Flight After Excited Girlfriend Posts Picture Of Boarding Pass Online (Video)

A Texas couple was preparing for a weekend trip to Florida when they discovered that a prankster canceled their trip after the girlfriend posted a picture of her boarding pass on social media.

Alice Rodriguez says her boyfriend Carlos bought her a surprise flight to Jacksonville to watch the Texans, her favorite team, play against the Jaguars. Rodriguez says that out of excitement, she decided to post a picture of her boarding pass to the Traveling Texans page on Facebook, but a short time later, Carlos received an email saying that his flight had been cancelled.

“I was like 'Oh my God! I'm going to Jacksonville for my birthday!’” Rodriguez explained. 

"I mean, what could happen with just a picture of her boarding pass?” Carlos told

They soon discovered that a prankster hiding beneath the Twitter name “Duval Undertaker” had used the confirmation number on the boarding pass to cancel the Texans fan’s flights.

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Eventually, the airline gave the couple new tickets, and the trip to Florida was better than they ever imagined.

“We got there and it was, like, unbelievable because everybody knew us! It was like, 'You are those Texan fans!’” Rodriguez said. The couple says they even got to meet some of the players after being surprised with sideline passes.

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Now, the prankster seems to have attempted to delete his social media accounts, but Rodriguez says they are considering pressing fraud charges.

“We've heard stories about other things that he's done," Rodriguez said. "And it's like, who does that?”

Despite the prank, Rodriguez says that this was a “birthday I will never forget.”

Sources/Photo Sources:Daily Mail, KHOU


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