Prader-Willi Syndrome Makes 5-Year-Old Ava Carvey Constantly Hungry


A young British girl is suffering from a rare condition that makes her so hungry that she could literally kill herself from overeating.

Five-year-old Ava Carvey suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), a condition that makes it very difficult for her to burn calories and makes her crave food constantly. 

Ava’s mother, Marika, keeps her daughter on a low calorie daughter in the hopes of controlling her condition.

“She’s not just permanently hungry – she’s ravenous,” Marika said of her daughter. “If there’s food on the floor, she’ll pick it up and eat it, and if someone else has food she wants theirs too. She’ll even take food away and hide it.”

Family members have to keep a close eye on young Ava.

“It’s scary because if we didn’t watch her she’d eat until her she made herself sick – or in a worst case scenario her stomach could burst,” her mother said.

Ava was first diagnosed with the condition when she was just nine weeks old. Her family is already looking ahead to what will happen when she grows up.

“When she gets older we will have to put locks on the fridge and cupboards too,” Marikda said. “She’s such a lovely little girl and sometimes I feel so sorry for her – imagine always feeling like you’re starving.”

Her brothers Joshua, 11, and Finnian, 2, are not allowed to eat in front of their sister, Metro reported.

"PWS sufferers are prone to tantrums, so if we go out to eat we have to be very careful,” Marika said. “I’ll ask the waiters to give her a smaller portion, and as soon as we finish a meal at a restaurant, we have to leave immediately. If she noticed other people’s food she’d start getting upset – or try and eat the leftovers.”

Sources: Metro, The Daily Mail


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