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Powerful Winds Knock Over Condo Building (Video)

A condo complex under construction in Raleigh, NC was blown apart by “hurricane strength” winds on Saturday.

A video (below) of the devastation was shot by Ed Braz, a wildlife photographer, who stated, “Whoa no, look at that!” when the building collapsed under the 86 mph winds, noted

Temperatures warmed dramatically on Saturday after cold weather had frozen the eastern part of North Carolina.

“There was an 80-degree feel-like difference from Tuesday to Saturday,” WTVD meteorologist Chris Hohmann told

“It made it from Greensboro to Rocky Mount in two hours," added Hohmann. "You can’t drive that fast. That’s as fast as you will see a storm move in this area. It was a quick hitter, but it did leave its mark.”

The 86 mph winds, which were recorded near Raleigh-Durham International Airport, set a new record for the area. According to Hohmann, 58 mph is the threshold at which major damage can happen.

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