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Powerful Religious Message Makes Michigan Home Invader Walk Away

A man who broke into a Michigan home and assaulted a woman inside on Monday left the house when the woman delivered a biblical message to him.

“God loves you,” said the 38-year-old single mother to her attacker, according to her neighbor. “You don’t want to do this.”

It was 4:45 a.m. on Monday when the intruder entered her Dearborn Heights home. She feared he would attack her daughter, but instead he just left.

Her neighbor Julie Wilding told WXYZ-TV that the victim is a devout Christian who spends a great deal of time with her special needs daughter.

“I told her God was watching out for her,” Wilding said. “Someone was watching out for her. To be able to walk away from something like this … by witnessing to somebody and changing the course of what they planned on doing … to just walking away.”  

Another neigher told WXYZ that the community is a close-knit area and the home invasion is shocking.

“To have a violation like that in this neighborhood… as close as we are,” neighbor Joe Kowalski said. “There are people that I've known … their children have taken over the houses. If there is someone who needs anything they can go to a neighbor’s house or the neighbor can find someone who does know.”

Police in Dearborn Heights are still searching for the suspect, who escaped the home through a basement window.

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