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Mom Calls Out Pottery Barn For 'Gender Stereotyping' With Backpacks

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Brady Murdough, 6, was frustrated when she couldn’t order a purple backpack with a dragon patch from Pottery Barn Kids, since the store had designated the dragon patch as a “boy” item.

Recently, the 6-year-old tried to combine the two backpack options with the help of her mother Sarah, CBS News reported. However, the combination couldn’t be made.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the gender stereotyping that is going on within your company,” Sarah wrote on Pottery Barn Kids' Facebook page (post shown in full below). “Seriously? To get the dragon patch, you have to order a ‘boy’ colored backpack.”

When Murdough attempted to call Pottery Barn, she explained that she wasn’t trying to mix different styles of backpacks, just the colors. Still, a representative for the company said it was impossible to combine the specific patch and color.

“Why does PBK decide what girls like and what boys like? Do you know each child’s personality?” Murdough wrote. “Why are you limiting their decisions and forcing such basic and antiquated gender norms on them?”

Murdough added that preventing girls from ordering dragon, football and spaceship patches suggested that they couldn’t be interested in fiction, sports, space or science.

Commenters replied with supportive messages. Some parents described their own children and their varied interests. One mother noted that her daughter loves princesses and aliens. Another wrote that her son loves superheroes and cooking.

Murdough responded that all of the input has been unexpected but amazing. 

As of Tuesday, the company’s website still categorized certain products by “boy” and “girl.”

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Sources: Yahoo! News, CBS News

Photo Credit: CBS News, Pottery Barn via Yahoo! News


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