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New Jersey Lifeguards Discover Portuguese Man-Of-War Jellyfish On Beach

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A potentially deadly Portuguese man-of-war washed up on Long Beach Island in New Jersey on Sunday.

Lifeguards discovered the carnivorous invertebrate on the beach, CBS 2 reported. Although the man-of-war was dead, a string from the deceased jellyfish can still be harmful. In general, the jellyfish's long, thin tentacles can grow up to six feet in length. A sting can cause abdominal pain, chest pain, collapse and muscle spasms.

The appearance of the man-of-war is not entirely uncommon on the Jersey Shore.

“When the wind is coming from the northeast, warm water from the Gulf Stream comes to shore,” Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol explained in a statement, according to “With the warm water often comes seaweed and critters from down south.”

Luckily, the man-of-war that washed up in New Jersey didn’t have its venom-filled tentacles.

The beach patrol warned beach-goers to be aware of their surroundings in the ocean and to always swim near a lifeguard. 

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Photo Credit: Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol, WikiCommons


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