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Potential Trump SCOTUS Pick Defended Anti-Gay Law


One of President-elect Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court nominees once voiced support for jailing gay men for having sex, even though he has previously experienced controversy about whether or not he posed for a gay men's magazine.

While serving as Alabama's attorney general, Pryor went out of his jurisdiction to write an amicus brief in favor of a Texas law that banned consensual sex between two men, according to SCOTUS Blog, a website that reports on the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In short, the States should remain free to protect the moral standards of their communities through legislation that prohibits homosexual sodomy,” Pryor wrote, according to Snopes. “If legislation of such activity is no longer supported by a majority of the citizens of the States, the legislatures of the States will repeal them, or elected executive officials will cease to enforce them.”

Pryor added: “The recent movement toward decriminalizing homosexual sodomy, even with Bowers v. Hardwick on the books, shows that the legislative system is quite able to respond to popular will without judicial prodding. Impatience with the pace of change, or with the resistance of citizens who do not regard the change as beneficial, does not justify the judicial creation of a new constitutional right.”

Although Pryor believes sex between gay men should be outlawed, he allegedly posed nude for a gay men's magazine during his college years.

Those photos surfaced on a gay porn website in 2013, according to Pink News.

Pryor has denied the photos are of him.

Sources: Pink News, SCOTUS Blog, Snopes (2) / Photo Credit: Yellowhammer News

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