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Police Continue Investigation Into Death Of Dallas Dentist

The investigation into the shooting death of 35-year-old dentist Kendra Hatcher in a Dallas, Texas, parking lot on Sept. 2 has uncovered evidence that an ex-girlfriend of Hatcher’s current boyfriend may have been involved.

Hatcher was found dead in a parking garage in an Uptown Dallas apartment. Now, police believe her death may have been plotted by her boyfriend's ex, according to police documents cited by Dallas News.

Crystal Cortes, 23, who was arrested on Sept. 5 on a capital murder charge, alleges she was offered $500 by a 33-year-old woman to drive an unnamed man to Hatcher’s residence, Dallas News reported. The man then  reportedly shot Hatcher. Cortes claimed the money was to be paid in exchange for Hatcher’s drivers license.

Cortes admitted to police she was the driver of the vehicle on Sept. 2. She is currently being held in lieu of $250,000 bail.

“Sometime prior to [Hatcher's] arrival, a vehicle of interest described as an older model Jeep Cherokee with damaged or faded paint on the hood and displaying a paper buyer tag, pulled into that garage — following another vehicle through the gate,” said Maj. Max Geron of Dallas Police.

The owner of the Jeep confirmed he had recently lent the vehicle to the 33-year-old woman. The 33-year-old dental hygienist, who is yet to be identified, recently ended a two-year relationship with Hatcher’s boyfriend.

Police say that once Hatcher arrived in the parking garage, the shooter may have entered her vehicle before killing her, since a .40-caliber shell casing was found inside the car.

Cortes also told police that the 33-year-old woman used an iPhone to track Hatcher’s movements.

Police questioned the woman, but she denied any involvement with the incident. She acknowledged borrowing the Jeep, but claimed she had then permitted Cortes to use it.

Police searched the woman's apartment on Sept. 5 and confiscated a laptop.

As of Tuesday, Cortes was the only person to be arrested in connection with the murder.

Hatcher’s family was shocked by the murder, describing the dentist as a “very smart, driven, beautiful and a loved person.”

Neil Hatcher, Kendra’s brother, stated that her death was “absolutely unfathomable.”

“If she saw somebody that needed help, she would help them,” said Rosie Torres, a friend of Kendra's, according to the Daily Mail. “She would always do that extra.”

Hatcher’s boyfriend refused to comment on the case. He is not considered a suspect.

Sources: Daily Mail, Dallas Morning News

Photo credit: Dallas Police via Daily Mail


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