Potential Black Juror and Fox News Watcher Struck From Zimmerman Jury


A potential black juror was rejected for consideration in the Zimmerman trial after he revealed that he watched Fox News, according to the political director for Russell Simmons and co-president of GlobalGrind.com, Michael Skolnick.

On CNN’s “Newsroom” on Tuesday, Skolnick said the man would have been a problem for the prosecution after host Carol Costello commented on the jury’s lack of diversity.

Skolnick is also on the board of directors for the Trayvon Martin Foundation, which advocates for families impacted by violent crimes.

Mark Nejame, a legal analyst for CNN, said the jury composition was a representation of the racial makeup of Seminole County, where Sanford is located. He explained that of the 11 percent of African-Americans in the county, there was a slim chance of placing one on the jury.

The racial makeup of the jury has increasingly become analyzed since Zimmerman’s sentence was delivered, including the fact that there was one Hispanic woman but no representatives of the African-American community.

Despite the small percentage of black men and women in Seminole County, activists argue that one should have made the jury considering the trial’s involvement in race relations.

Costello also pondered if Martin’s family was upset by the jury selection and its implications on Zimmerman’s sentence.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Mediaite


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