Should California Vote Yes on Prop 19?

Whether California's Proposition 19 passes or not, it has certainly made the absurdity of cannabis prohibition a topic of national conversation in a way that medical marijuana, three stoner presidents in a row, and countless episodes of Dragnet never managed to do.

Editorial boards (who are always the last to know) are still bogarting the conversation with their baked jibberish, but it's no longer a career ender to take pot -- and your right to ingest it any old time -- seriously.

Check out the Boston Globe's Big Picture gallery on marijuana, which features images of kind bud, murdered narcotraficantes, burning ganja cinderblocks, the deteriorating Afghan war, and a host of other good and bad elements that would emerge straight and clear-eyed if the normalization of weed were allowed to continue.

And for more on the legalization groundswell, dig Reason TV's take on the Prop 19 debate:

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