Mail Truck Parade Visits Cancer-Stricken Teen (Photos)


A New York teenager who was diagnosed with leukemia was paid a surprise visit by a procession of 25 postal trucks and a number of fire department trucks trying to cheer him up. 

Matthew Watkins has always wanted to be a postal worker, said his mother, Jennifer. The 17-year-old from Clay always greeted his local carrier enthusiastically and counted the mail trucks outside the Bayberry post office, reports. 

When Matthew found out he had cancer in May 2016, he was given postal uniforms by retired postal workers. Matthew wore the uniforms throughout his nearly eight-month stay at a Rochester hospital.

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A few weeks after Matthew left the hospital and returned home, Annie Agrasto, a nurse and friend of the Watkins family, organized a procession of postal and fire department trucks to greet him.

Escorted by Moyers Corners Fire Department, the Bayberry post office sent a parade of postal trucks to Matthew's home, said Maureen Marion, a USPS representative. 

The community of postal service workers gave Matthew gifts, another uniform and a sash, Little Things reports. 

Dressed up in a USPS uniform, Matthew smiled as the parade went by his home. 

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"It's definitely a welcome home present," Jennifer said.

Matthew was "overwhelmed" by the size of the parade, Jennifer said. He is looking forward to reliving the event through videos and photos.

Marion said Bayberry's postal workers were happy to participate in the parade.

"We wanted to give him a bump up," Marion said. "Actually, he gives us more of a bump up than we gave him."

Sources: Little Things, / Photo credit: Moyers Corners Fire Department via, Supplied via

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