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Possible Map for America's Nationwide High-Speed Rail Road

Though many have speculated about what a high-speed, nationwide rail system would be like in the United States, no one has guaranteed it will happen in our future. But artist and activist Alfred Twu remains hopeful that it will.

Twu recently created a rendition of where the 220 mph rail system would travel. In the map, the system goes from East to West, hitting most of the popular cities in the country, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and more. 

He also had the system go from North to South, reaching Minneapolis and Miami, Florida.

In 2009, Obama announced plans for the high-speed rail system. Twu was inspired by this, and created the map. 

On his Facebook page, he wrote how he came up with the map:

"While the high-speed rail system is just a conceptualized map at this time, Twu used information provided from various studies to provide an educated guess as to where the rail would likely travel."

He also explained to Mashable that it required an artistic eye to create the map.

"Some artistic license was applied to make it more elegant and have it be a series of distinct lines like a subway map. Colors were selected to convey the idea of the U.S. being made up of several interwoven regional cultures that come together at major cities - like an internal melting pot," he said. 

Twu believes a reasonable time to expect the rail road is between 2030 and 2050. 

What's holding the rail road back is the country's debt. It would be a costly endeavor, estimated to be between $1 to $2 trillion. Twu said in such a bad economy, the rail road being completed all at once is not feasible. He said if it was designed and implemented over 30 to 40 years, it could be possible. 

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