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'Possessed' Woman Attacks Man on Train (Video)

An unidentified young woman recently attacked a male passenger on an Edmonton Transit System (ETS) train in Canada.

A video (below) of the bizarre assault was posted yesterday on Facebook by Renee A. Carter.

According to the Global News, the young woman looks in her purse, starts rolling her head, growling and grabbing her own hair.

Suddenly, she grabs the throat of a male passenger sitting nearby. She strikes the man with her other hand, notes the Calgary Herald.

"She's possessed! She's possessed!" says a voice off-camera.

After the scuffle is over, the man approaches the young woman who kicks him. The two get into another fight, which is stopped by ETS transit officers.

“Unfortunately, the two individuals were involved in an altercation with each other,” Cheryl Oxford, a City of Edmonton spokesperson, told Global News.

“But luckily, our transit peace officers were able to intervene quickly and appropriately, and both individuals were removed from the train,” added Oxford. “Both of the individuals, as well as witnesses, were interviewed.”

“Based on all the information that we were provided, at the end of the day, we were able to determine that they could be released and they were issued violation tickets for fighting in public.”

Both the man and woman were fined $500, but were not charged with any crime.

Sources: Facebook, Global News, Calgary Herald


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