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‘Possessed’ Mother Butchered In Philippines, Eaten By Her Sons

A 56-year-old woman in the Philippines was allegedly killed and eaten by her three sons, who believed she was possessed by a bad spirit.

Neighbors said they heard strange noises from Musala Amil’s home in Ampatuan days before her mutilated body was found by police on Wednesday.

The body had been drained of blood, and some of the organs were missing.

Authorities charged her sons, Dante, 35, Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18, of brutally murdering their mother and eating parts of her body raw.

The three men deny killing their mother and say they only wanted to drive away a bad spirit that had been making her ill.

They had no criminal records prior to this arrest.

Authorities have not ruled out drug abuse in the case. Each suspect will be given a drug test, said Ampatuan Chief of Police Senior Inspector Ronald De Leon.

The family is also being investigated for a history of mental illness.

The three men, of Moro indigenous ethnic Muslim descent, all lived on a family farm with their mother at Purok Nabadtog in Barangay Kamasi.

The leaders in their community believe they are guilty, calling them wild animals.

Anwar Emblawa, an incumbent municipal councilor from Datu Abdullah Sangki town, says villagers believe the men are cursed.

“There is an old story about a curse and these three men, according to local folks, belong to a family from a cursed ancestry, from where came these ghouls. For me, being a Muslim, that is superstition, and I don’t believe in that,” Emblawa said.

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