Police Officer Pays Homeless Family's Hotel Room Bill, Buys Them Food (Video)


A Portland police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help a homeless family get back on their feet.

Officer Carlos Ibarra says that the police received a call from a man who the dispatcher had a tough time communicating with. That's when Ibarra stepped in to help.

The father reportedly drove back to Portland from Arizona after things didn’t work out down south, and when he returned with his seven children to the house they formerly lived in, it was completely empty. With nowhere to go, the father called the police for help.

Once Ibarra stepped in, he began helping the man search for a shelter.

“A lot of the places I was calling I wasn't getting anyone on the phone, just voice mail to call back during the week," Ibarra said. He then decided to shift the focus from shelters to motels.

Finally, after time spent searching, Ibarra found the family a room at a local Motel 6 for $70. Unfortunately, the family was unable to pay it, so Officer Ibarra took money out of his own pocket to give the needy family a place to sleep.

"I just couldn't imagine going home to my comfortable bed and air conditioning while those seven kids are sleeping in their van in this hot weather,” Ibarra told KATU. "This would be my way of helping them get some rest and some hope for tomorrow when they could find some more help getting a more permanent place to stay."

Ibarra says he was shocked to find out that the children had barely eaten, so he decided to buy them all food.

"The father told me the kids had some bread on the way up – maybe the day before," Ibarra said. “When I walked in with the food, the kids started tearing into the cans. They didn't even warm up the soup. Nothing. Everything was just going straight into their mouths.”

Ibarra is now helping the family find a more permanent place to stay with the help of a local church, and he modestly says that he doesn’t think he’s doing anything that any other cop wouldn’t do.

Sources: Reddit, KATU, KBOI2


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