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Port of LA Approves $1.4M Contract With Vision Motors for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

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In brief: The Port of Los Angeles has approved a $1.4 million contract with Vision Motor Corp to retrofit 15 electric trucks with their hydrogen fuel cell system for use in LA-area ports.

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Vision Motors, based in El Segundo, California, will be retrofitting a total of 15 trucks currently in operation in the Ports around Los Angeles, starting with 6 that have been ordered so far and the rest being contingent on the availability of other grants to fulfill the order.

Vision, of course, has been testing and selling the Tyrano hydrogen fuel cell truck in the Los Angeles area and for drayage use in the ports for over two years now. The Tyrano is a converted Freightliner Class 8 day cab truck.

The Port currently owns a fleet of battery-electric trucks and the retrofits from Vision will extend their range using hydrogen fuel cells.

And so ...

Big news for Vision Motors and an obvious advantage for electrics in operation in the ports.

Photo credits: Vision Motor Corp.


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