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Porcupine Fights Off 17 Lions In Amazing Viral Clip (Video)

A video that’s now gone viral shows a porcupine springing into action when confronted by a pride of 17 lions.

In the clip, the porcupine, which is shown at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, is surrounded by 17 lions. The lions are clearly hungry, but the porcupine has other plans and winds up turning the tables on the lions.

Lucien Beaumont, who captured the footage, explained how the porcupine turned it around just in the nick of time.

“The porcupine began to run backwards into any lion that would come too close for comfort, a common defense mechanism for a threatened porcupine,” wrote Beaumont. “If the porcupine manages to get close enough to a predator, it does not shoot its quills as many people may think. Rather the quills have micro-barbs, which hook into the face or paws of a predator that may get too close. The quills simply pull out of the porcupines skin without causing damage to the prickly creature. The predator then has to deal with a painful quill.”

Eventually, the lions decided it wasn’t worth it to keep trying in their quest to dine on the lonely porcupine and ran away.

Take a look at the porcupine clip below!

Sources: Huffington Post, The Dodo


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