Customers Sue Popular EOS Lip Balm After Reportedly Getting A Rash From It


Customers are suing EOS Lip Balm after the product made them break out in blisters and rashes.

The EOS brand has been endorsed by Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and others, Racked reports.

Rachael Cronin claimed that the lip balm led to “severe rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation” in her class act lawsuit against the celebrity-endorsed product. Cronin said that her lips felt like sandpaper within hours of applying the lip balm. The results lasted for 10 days. 

There has been no word on how much Cronin and the others are suing for.

In the past, other customers have complained of similar side effects. Despite the issue, which has been ongoing for years, there has been little negative media coverage and no previous legal battle over the brand. However, when Cronin posted on Facebook about the blisters on her mouth, she reportedly received enormous amounts of feedback from other customers with the same problem.

There were also many negative reviews of the product on Amazon.

“MOLD," one Amazon reviewer wrote, according to Jezebel. "My EOS lip balm grew mold over the weekend when I was away from my office where I store it...”

Another reviewer wrote that while she liked the EOS brand, she could get similar lip balm for half the price from other brands. 

EOS originally advised Cronin to seek medical attention, although a spokesperson noted that there was nothing inherently allergenic in the product, Racked notes.

In a recent statement, a press representive for EOS said that the lawsuit had no merit. The representative added that the product is made with the "highest quality ingredients" and meets "all safety and quality standards."

Sources: Jezebel, Racked / Photo Credit: TMZ, Jezebel

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