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Popular Fox News Host Forced To 'Take A Break' After Mistress Leaks Text Messages (Photos)

A married Fox News host announced he will be taking some time off after his alleged mistress claimed they were having an affair.

“We recently became aware of Ed’s personal issues and he’s taking some time off to work things out,” said Fox News about its 44-year-old chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry, the Daily Mail reports.

Henry reportedly engaged in extramarital relations with Las Vegas hostess Natalia Lima, who recently shared texts revealing the sexual nature of their connection. Lima did a tell-all interview with In Touch magazine in which she revealed details of the alleged affair.

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Lima says the two had known each for five years -- about the same amount of time as Henry and wife, NPR Deputy Washington Editor Shirley Hung, have been married.

Their alleged relationship reportedly only turned sexual in the past year -- ironically at the same hotel where Henry and his wife were wed.

''He was staying at the Wynn [Las Vegas] and asked, 'Do you want to come up to my room?'" said Lima. “I wasn't really interested like that but I did go up there and one thing led to another.”

After that, she said they would regularly meet whenever he was in Las Vegas.

“Whenever he was in town, we would pretty much just have sex. He has a really high sex drive,” said Lima. “We were friends for a few years before we did anything, and a nice guy ... a kinky nice guy.”

While many might assume Lima was motivated by money, she says that’s not the case.

“He never gave me anything, but one time I was really stressed out about money so he did cover my rent,” said Lima.

It seemed, at least at first, Lima says, that Henry might have had genuine feelings for that went beyond a sexual relationship.

“One time he said, 'It's not like a crazy hookup, it's like you are my girlfriend,'" said Lima.

After Lima’s Twitter was hacked in January, she said Henry started acting “weird.” She says the last time he met with her was in February. Lima says he promised to contact her the next day but never did.

“It's like he used me. But I should've know better,” said Lima.

Henry and his wife were married while they both were working for CNN in 2010. Their wedding was covered by many news outlets, with some marveling at the wedding cake -- a 70-foot replica of the White House, Ad Week reports.

Sources: Daily / Photo credit: via Daily Mail

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