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Popular DOTA 2 Gamer Robbed At Gunpoint During Live Worldwide Streaming (Video)

Gamers worldwide watching a live stream of a popular video game ended up witnessing a home invasion. The armed robbery took place in a woman's Arizona apartment on Monday, police say.

Nikki Elise was playing the strategy game “Defense of the Ancients 2” (DOTA 2) at her home in Phoenix, Gawker reported.

Elise, who goes by the online name “Sajedene,” was streaming herself play live through her popular gaming channel on when two armed men reportedly broke into her house.

A video (below) uploaded to YouTube shows Elise leaving her bedroom to investigate the raucous coming from another room. Moments later, fellow gamers witnessed a man carrying a gun enter and walk in front of the webcam.

According to Gawker, the suspect left with Elise’s guns, her computer, and several other items.

A player in Europe contacted Elise’s friend in the U.S. who knew the victim’s location. That friend, who lives in Arizona, called 911, KNXV reports.

One of the intruders was still at the home when police arrived. He was arrested after a short foot chase, while another remains at large, KTVK reports.

“At that point, gamers from around the world were watching the home invasion occur while trying to contact the corresponding law enforcement agency,” Lt. Michael Pooley told the news station.

A writer for onGamers who knows Elise tweeted that she and her roommate are “very shaken up but ok” and had reported the incident to police.

Her house was “not the originally intended target,” Elise said in a statement posted on Facebook.

Thank you for all the love and support. Since twitter cant hold everything I want to say - please read this instead.

— Nikki Elise (@Sajedene) June 10, 2014

“It was a very scary situation to be in – especially knowing we were not the originally intended target,” she wrote.

“And [to think] how much worse it could have been if it were not for our friends from around the world who acted quickly to get the police involved.”

Elise’s gaming channel on Twitch has since been shut down “due to terms of service violations.”

Sources:, ABC 15, AZ, Twitter


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