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Pregnant Popeyes Employee Fired After Refusing To Pay Back Cash Stolen In Armed Robbery

Marissa Holcomb says she was fired from a Channelview, Texas, Popeyes after refusing to pay back money stolen in an armed robbery last month.

The robber made off with about $400 from the cash register during Holcomb’s March 31 shift.

According to CBS, Holcomb was asked by one of her managers to repay the money to the store. 

"I told them I'm not paying nothing," Holcomb said. "I just had a gun to me. I'm not paying the money."

Holcomb was let go less than 36 hours after the robbery.

Surveillance video shows the gunman, wearing a beanie over his face, enter the store. He forces the employees to lie on the floor, then drags Holcomb, the shift manager, by her shirt to the front and demands money.

The company sought to justify firing Holcomb with the claim that she had broken store procedures by having too much cash in the register. A spokesman for the Popeyes franchise owner, Z&H Foods Inc, said that Holcomb had also done this previously.

But Holcomb insisted that the excess cash had not been her fault. On the day the robbery took place, the store had been running a special on one of its meals and made the $400 in an hour, she said. Because it was so busy, Holcomb didn't have time to take the cash to the store’s safe.

Holcomb is even more outraged at the company’s decision due to the impact it will have on her family.

"I don't think it's right because now I'm struggling for my family because what I had to do to keep my life," said Holcomb, who is pregnant with her fourth child.

Although she’s looking for a new job, she doesn’t hold out much hope.

“I mean who's gonna call me? I'm five months pregnant," she said. "The fact that I got robbed at gunpoint and it's like nobody cares.”

Sources: CBS News,New York Daily News / Photo credit: New York Daily News


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