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Pope Francis Is 'Shocked' by Gay Adoption

Was Time magazine jumping the gun when it awarded Pope Francis its “Person of the Year” award? Since his off-the-cuff “Who am I to judge?” comment about gays was heard around the world, Pope Francis has expressed shock about the legal possibility of gay adoption.

The Times of Malta reported that the pope said he was “shocked” by Malta’s Civil Unions Bill, which will allow gay couples to adopt children, according to Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna.

Scicluna emphasized that the family is based around a man and a woman in his Christmas homily. He told the Times of Malta that he had spoken to the pope about the issue on Dec. 12.

 “We discussed many aspects ... and when I raised the issue that’s worrying me as a bishop [the right for gay couples to adopt] he encouraged me to speak out,” Bishop Scicluna said.

The Telegraph blog points out that Pope Frances is not the first in the Catholic church to appear to support contradictory positions when it comes to same-sex couples.

While Pope Francis’ papal politics are liberal in some ways, he has blatantly stated his opposition to gay marriage, which he called a “destructive attack on God’s plan,” and gay adoption, which he deemed “discrimination against children.”

On the other hand, the media may be missing the point by focusing on these issues, which the pope himself doesn’t deem the most urgent.

“We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive measures,” Pope Francis said in September, emphasizing the need for the Church to go back to its roots of helping the poor and getting its hands dirty on the streets.

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