Pope Francis Sends Private Letter to Italian LGBT Group and Offers His Blessing


According to reports, Pope Francis has personally responded to a letter from a group of lesbian and gay Catholics in Italy called Kairos of Florence.

It was originally reported that back in June, the Pope received the letter from the group, which the authors say was written in the hopes of starting a conversation regarding homosexuality in the church. The letter even stated that not willing to have open communication “always feeds homophobia.”

The group has written countless letters to church officials in the past, but say it has fallen on deaf ears. The members of Kairos of Florence were reportedly in shock, however, when they wound up getting a personal response from Pope Francis himself, who many note is quite possibly the most progressive Pope in the Catholic Church’s history.

The group will not disclose what the letter read, as they have chosen to keep it private, but did say that the Pope gave them his blessing and that they all “really enjoyed” the letter.

Pope Francis has made much advancement in his short time as Pontiff, especially when it comes to the church’s views on homosexuality. In August, Pope Francis referred to gay priests when he said, “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?” Just last month, Pope Francis shocked many when he bluntly stated that the Catholic Church as a whole is “obsessed” with issues like gay rights and abortion, saying that the church shouldn’t “interfere spiritually” with LGBT members, and that they need to focus on issues that don’t involve judging other people’s lives.


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